How is your Website Traffic?

Are you confident that your SEO is gaining momentum and your rankings are making it's way to the top of the Google searches?


What's the cost of hiring a bad SEO company?

We all want a lot of exposure and traffic to our website. But what does it take? Most of us don't know and the experts who claim that they do know that we hire don't let us know what they are doing or how effective it's working. It forces us to blindly trust them along with being stuck on a long-term contract. We all want TRANSPARENCY!

Do you know what your hired SEO company is working on this month? Do you know what they worked on last month?

We are SEO experts and we are 100% transparent.

What does that mean? It means we show you what we are doing/focusing on each month. We show you how you are ranking on every keyword that's relevant to your company, and you can access this data anytime, anywhere.


We give you access to your back-end dashboard to see everything that we see.


We let you know what we are working on each month and the impact that is making.


We STOP when you say stop. We go, when you say go. Entirely up to you.

What we will do for your SEO?

We will research what terms people are searching in your area to find businesses and services like yours. And we will make sure your website gets seen with the credibility and authority it deserves. We will work hard to beat the competition to optimize your website to outrank others so that google finds you more credible and for google to start falling in love with you.

Our process is four simple steps...


Unpack more specifically what your goals are and define them.


We'll plan the best way that fits your brand and style to get you there.


We will start immediately and you'll start seeing the results.


We will provide detailed analytics of what's going on behind the scenes.

We will help you to be visible and we will help direct online traffic to your website. That's our promise.

Our SEO Educational Resources

SEO 101: How to make Google love you.

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SEO 101: Does content really help SEO?

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SEO 101: Does your Business Absolutely need SEO?

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SEO 101: SEO Spells Trust

My friend came up with a brilliant idea a couple of years ago. It all started because so many of her single friends were running into the same issues when it came to online dating – they kept telling her, “It’s just so difficult to find the right person, you don’t know who to trust anymore.”...READ MORE

SEO 101: SEO Redefined

What’s the last thing you googled today? Wanna know mine? I asked Google why a washing machine smells like it’s burning. This was after my son texted us, “Hello, parental beings, my washing machine smells like it’s burning, what should I do?”...READ MORE

SEO 101: Improve your Online Reputation with SEO

I want to give you one final motivation to develop your own SEO strategy: SEO is essential in highlighting what people see online. One of my greatest fears in life is that I’ll be talking to someone at lunch not knowing that I have a green piece of food stuck in my teeth...READ MORE

We are all about you

We believe everything starts with a relationship. The relationship is what drives us to bring the highest level of expertise to the implementation of your SEO strategy.  

For your business to thrive, it all comes down to connecting people. That's the heart of BOS Media Group.

Get a FREE SEO Audit of your Website

This is a great way to get a starting point of your current SEO. Your audit will help determine if you need SEO and what strategies are recommended to best optimize your site.

What's included in my 39-page detailed audit?

• Keyword Analysis

• Keyword Observations/Recommendations

• Site Architecture/Speed/Insights

• Site Crawl Observations/Recommendations

• HTML Analysis - Coding Quality and Errors

• Metadata Title Tag Optimization/Description/Header Tag Optimization

• Structured Data (Schema) Markup

• Content Analysis

• Social Analysis

• Offsite Ranking Factors/Linking Overview

• Competitive Analysis/Domain Authority

• Conversion and Engagement Tracking

• Full Recommendation from High, Medium to Low Priority Optimizations


So, Are You Ready to Grow your Business through SEO?

I would love to work with you and see how I can help your website grow your business. Please send me a quick hello by filling out the form and I will contact you as soon as I can.


Do I really need SEO for my website?

Probably. I would first recommend a thorough SEO audit for you (at no charge) to assess your current status, but organic search is such a huge part of most businesses’ website visits/traffic and company growth. Being highly visible and a trusted resource by Google is always going to work in your favor. We will improve your overall searchability and visibility so you’ll be found online. What’s the point of having a beautiful, compelling and informative website when no one sees it?

What do you guys do for SEO?

We first identify the opportunity and approach to implementing a successful strategy. Then we establish a keyword game plan into actionable goals. From there, we start optimizing your website…this is a patient game and you’ll start seeing the results in 4-6 months. Our goal is to start ranking the keywords that link to your site on the first page of Google.

What sets you apart from other companies in your SEO game?

We hear from a lot of people that due to the complexity of SEO, they are kept in the dark and do not really know or understand what is being done and how effective the SEO is for their website. This is where we shine. We are transparent. We tell you in detail what we are doing and how you are ranking. Every month, we’ll summarize everything we are implementing and what type of results you are experiencing. We also have a detailed dashboard that monitors and reports all kinds of live stats. You’ll have full access to this anytime, anywhere.

How much do you charge?

We charge a minimum of $750/month. Some sites cost more depending on who is competing with the same keywords in your area and also depending on the geographical area covered (Local, National, or Global).

How do I get a FREE audit of my website?

Just click on the button below and let me know the website address you want us to evaluate. It’s a detailed 39-page audit with prioritized recommendations. It’s FREE. No strings attached.