A Website Maintenance Service You Can Trust



Don't Lose Your Precious Time

Creating a digital presence doesn't just end with launching a website. This requires time and energy, and often causes anxiety to update, secure, and maintain.

Websites are an integral part of running a small business, but it shouldn't take up all your time.

Let us take care of the glitches and fixes that come with running a website.

What happens behind the screen is just as important as what people get to see.

But some business owners are struggling to keep up with the ever-changing digital world.

You can trust us to take care of all your website maintenance needs.


We'll take care of all the frontend and backend updates! Plugins, images, content—you name it!


Online security is a BIG one, and we've got you and your clients covered.


It's our job to make sure everything's running smoothly—all the time.

Why Do I Need A Website Maintenance Service?

Website's are more than what meets the eye. There's a lot of work that goes into keeping one running. That's where we step in.

We can prevent and catch glitches while you're off conquering the world! While you're building, designing, or whatever it is you love—we'll make sure you and your website users are protected and getting the most out of your website.

Our process is three simple steps...


Cast your vision! We're all about building trust and we'd love to know about you and your dreams!


Let us take the wheel (of your website), we'll handle the entire migration process! We're pros at making this seamless and easy for you.


Connect with our team or ticketing system for updates on your website, as much (or little) as you want!

Let US do all the work behind the screen, so you can focus on your dreams!

We are all about you

We believe everything starts with a relationship. The relationship is what drives us to bring the highest level of expertise to the design and implementation of your storytelling strategy.  

For your business to thrive, it all comes down to connecting people. That's the heart of BOS Media Group.

What our customers say...

"BOS Media Group takes a seedling of an idea and transforms it like no other! Hanju is your inspiring visionary, creative talent, constructive listener, and biggest cheerleader! Together with his amazingly talented and knowledgeable team, your projects will become effective and buzz-worthy components of your business! "

Suzanne Greenwood
Pediatric Occupational Therapist Passport to FUNction & Centerpointe for Children

"Working with Hanju has been a positive life-giving experience. His energy and passion has been evident through his creative work. He is not only an added value in creative ways with digital marketing needs, but has been a champion for the success of my business."

Daniel Kam
President & COO
Bucket Technologies & Solid Coffee Roasters

It was really stressful starting up our practice and figuring out all the pieces we needed to get together and organize. Luckily the easiest part of it was getting our website together. From the first meeting with Hanju, we knew we were in good hands and that our website would be nothing short of amazing. He "got" our vision - listened to our long list of wants and needs - and executed it beautifully.

Dr. Trang T. Nguyen
Sons and Daughters Orthodontics


What is website hosting?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

What security measures do we offer?

Some of our security services include: daily backups of your website, SSL certification, quick site restores in case of any glitches, and plugin monitoring and security updates.

Who is your website server?

We're thrilled to partner with WP Engine, a leading website server focused on speed and stability.

What is included?

Beyond the list of services below, we offer a peace of mind and quick turn around on all your requests.

For more information feel free to set up a call!

So, Are You Ready to Let Us Help you?

We would really love to take this load off you. We've been training for this—we're good at running websites and we know you're really good at something too! Tell us what you're good at, and we'd love to help you focus on that!

Website Hosting & Full Maintenance Packages

At BOS Media Group, our passion is helping people like you to grow your business. It can be as easy as letting us host your website—once you hand over the reins, you literally don't have to do anything!

Our specialty is knowing and running websites. You need a good, secure website to help your business and your dreams grow.

Each of our website maintenance packages include:

• Website Hosting

• Security Updates

• WordPress Latest Release Updates

• Plugin Updates

• Unlimited Minor Content Modifications

• Daily Backup and Backup Archive for the last 30 Days

This maintenance plan comes with full support and fixes for anything that goes wrong with the website for the life of the site.